The Post That Launched 1000 Slips

Alright, already! I’ve spent a month preparing to blog. I’ve designed! I’ve drawn! I’ve tried every free theme on wordpress! I watched three seasons of Gossip Girl (this may seem extreme and irrelevant, but I was left alone far too much this month and it makes me feel luxurious)! Now it is time to do the actual thing. As a wise woman once said “talking about doing the thing is not the thing.” I think it was Ayn Rand (it was Amy Poehler). And now that I have figured out whether or not the punctuation goes inside or outside the parenthesis, I am finally ready.

For those of you wondering why the hell I’m doing this- first of all, take it easy and let a girl live her DAMN LIFE! Phew, sorry I blew up at you like that. It’s just that I am doing this blog to turn my weakness (being ever so noncommittal) into my strength (committing to not committing!) and I don’t know yet if I believe in myself! So I’ve bet myself my own dignity that I will stick to it (in other words- stakes are low).

From now on I will be referring to you (my eventual adoring readers) in the informal- if you were to read my diary you would notice the same casual pronoun usage drenched with the same hope that people would find it and read it. I don’t want to inundate you with multiple posts on similar fads, so expect a wide variety of diet, fashion, food, exercise, health and social trends. What is a social trend, you ask? I’m choosing to define it as something like a popular new social activity (ie, silent discos) or App- ie, Thrinder (jklol I will not be using Thrinder [because I already have and it was lame {jklol got you twice- I’m KILLING it!}]).

So, let’s do this! I’m ready! I’m horrified I will give up too early! Don’t let me, dear friend. See you in the first post.

Kisses, A

XOXO, Gossip Girl


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