Mini Post: THINX Period Panties for Modern Women

Sometimes you do something that you think is going to be THE BEST, CRAZIEST THING EVER, and it turns out to be not that exciting. Perhaps you try pad thai from Pok Pok and it’s good but like…it’s pad thai, yaduh it’s good. Or maybe you see Magic Mike XXL in theaters, and it’s a good time, but you kind of knew you would be watching Donald Glover shirtless going in to it so…yeah, solid experience. Expectations were met.

This is the case for when I tried THINX, Period Panties for Modern Women. When my glorious globe trotting cousin (second cousin thrice removed?) Lauren sent me a link to these puppies I was all HOLY MOLY THIS IS GOING TO SHOOT THIS BLOG TO THE TOP!! But it turns out, the experience was quite quiet.

Thus is born a Carly Come Lately first; the Mini Post. It’s a pretty self explanatory concept, so I’ll spare you the long winded description of the Mini Post before it becomes my usual Maxi Post (period humor y’all- get used to it).

Let me begin by saying that if you’re someone who is terrified of reading about periods- this article is not for you. But also, if you are one of those people, perhaps I am not for you, as I am in a state of menstruation roughly 25% of the time. Facts are facts!

THINX are basically underwear (the word “panties” is my kryptonite) you can wear when you’re on your period, and not have to worry about leaks. They are not meant to replace a tampon, or diva cup, or whatever period protection is your poison. They are simply meant as a back up.

They offer thongs (absorption capacity: 1/2 tampon), cheeky (1 tampon) and hip huggers (2 tampons) and all options are about $30 a pair. They unfortunately call them…UNDIES…on their site, which is quite possibly the only word worse than panties. That kind of language should be avoided when selling merchandise!


I ordered myself a pair of cheekies and attempted to not tell everyone I passed in the office how excited I was. They took a week or so to arrive…right on schedule.

When that glorious time of the month rolled around, I got super duper excited and jazzed to shed my uterine wall AS ALWAYS, and finally unpacked my THINX.


Fun packaging! And thanks for the dose of empowerment, because I was starting to doubt my ability to put the fact that I have a period on the internet (my dad goes on that!!!). I took them out, they are almost more like a thin bathing suit material than cotton. I read on the FAQ that they have SILVER in them, which is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. They have a sturdy undercarriage, that’s for sure.

Let’s get down to the real questions though- because I’m sure you’re wondering about the thin line between this and an ACTUAL diaper. They fuckers are actually pretty thin. You might not even realize that they are lined at first. If you’re wondering what they looked like-here’s a picture of me in them. Oh, there’s no picture here? YA, DUH.

THINX is pretty explicit that these should be worn as essentially a replacement for panty (shiver) liners, but they also say to “know your own flow” (thumbs up) and to wear they how you want! Since I know my own flow pretty darn well (love you bb) I decided to wear them on their own.

The result? A day of not worrying about getting TSS nor beating myself up for not committing fully to the Diva Cup. I forgot I was wearing them, and because of the black color of the entire garment, I was rarely reminded (only my crippling stomach cramps and horrify ability to cry on the spot to remind me). 

By the end of the day, I threw them in the hamper haphazardly like I would any other pair of down-belowers (imagine me using this term in a sexy context- hysterical) and was disappointed that I would have to go back to using my normal “tools.” These guys are not immediately reusable, and require a delicate washing regimen.

And that was about it, folks! For those of you ladies looking to wear white pants on your period like alllllll the commercials always told us we could, this might be the last measure to make that dream a reality. Would I say a must-have? Nah. Would I say a nice-to-have? Absolutely. Just as expected.

image (10)


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