About Carly Come Lately


Hello! It’s me, Carly! You know, from that world famous blog, Carly Come Lately? Thank you for coming to my ABOUT page; the most self-promoting bit of this site (and therefore, the best part). What am I doing? Trying everything once. Why am I doing it? Call it a personal challenge.

I am a fickle, lazy, wishy-washy fad lover from Boston, living in Los Angeles- the fad capitol of the country! Nay, the WORLD! I needed a project to focus my mind on something aside from my devastatingly superficial personal problems- but in true Carly form, I couldn’t stick with anything longer than a day. So I thought “why not turn my weakness into my strength!”

Thus, a blog is born. And with it, a new Carly (please see graph below).beforetheblog

I will be trying all the terrible, bizarre, passing fads that you have been genuinely (albeit- secretly!) interested in. Now, let’s see which one of these juice cleanses allows cheese days…

Copy Editing by Miriam Ryden (additional edits by literally every friend I have)

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